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Land of Hope





 Land of Hope is a place in Nigeria that gives children hope, education and a home. It is a place that rescues children from a life on the streets, torture and in worst cases the death. It is children that have been abandoned and hunted from their homes and families due to the superstition that they posses witchcraft.

The vision of Land of Hope is: 

"A world where no children are suffering because of the superstions of the adults" 



Many of the children are in a really bad shape when they are found and rescued - and some so bad that they need to stay at the hospital for a long time before they are ready to go to Land of Hope. Besides the hospital bills, they need money to give them a home, food, education and help educating the small poor societies to avoid more cases. 

Together with Land of Hope we have created some t-shirts for women and kids to support the work that they do. If you buy a t-shirt you support their work with 25 DKK / 3,70 EUR and help spreading the word. The designs for the women are inspired by the symbols from Land of hope. The frontprint on the kids t-shirts are drawings from some of the kids living in the Land of Hope house.

Visit the homepage of LAND OF HOPE and learn much more about the valuable work that they do for the children and the societies in Nigeria.


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